Shaming My Red Lips

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You can take the girl out of Brooklyn but you can’t the Brooklyn out of the girl! Check out the video below.

This memoir is about Shaghayegh ‘Poppy’ Farsijani’s formative teenage years that were sprinkled with the familiar angst, anger, energy, and passion you would expect of any sixteen-year-old. It reflects not only a time when the world around her was changing, but when she was changing herself. As an Iranian-American born in Iran, raised in New York, and then forced to relocate back to Iran at the turbulent age of sixteen, in her mind, the only suitable reactions were fight or flight.

She ended up doing both.

In Iran, she longed for the freedoms she had come to know and love and that some of us take for granted, like choosing her religion, choosing who she wanted to date, or even wearing red lipstick. While at first she thought she was fighting against her parents and against a country she didn’t feel she belonged a citizen of, she finally came to understand that she was fighting for something much more important: she was fighting to be herself. And that’s something every single one of us should be fighting for every single day.

Shaghayegh shares her true story and all its hardships, setbacks, intimacies, and victories because in the end, they led her to security, hope and finally self-discovery.  The way she lays her life out in these pages might serve as a source of inspiration for someone to remember that, above all, staying true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in—no matter the consequences—is the greatest accomplishment you can hope to achieve.

Lacking Lips of Time

Lacking Lips of Time

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The book is a stretched and deep dive into a starry, earthy, and surrealist world of joy. Always existing but never used and somehow decaying.

These streams of poems will generously open the gateway of sensuous tropical lines of the soul. Now, its time to put on spectacles of intense passion to discover provocative and emotional states described through images and poignant associations.

Step into the mystery but don’t forget to enjoy the wonder.